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A retaining wall is a structure designed to support and contain soil or other materials on one side, preventing them from collapsing or eroding. Retaining walls serve various purposes, from preventing soil erosion and managing slopes to creating terraced landscapes and supporting structures. Contact Stonewood Construction for a free estimate on our professional Rockery Walls & Retaining Wall Installation Contractor services in Monroe, WA & the greater Snohomish/King County areas.

Types of Retaining Walls:

  1. Gravity Retaining Walls: These walls rely on their weight and mass to resist the pressure of the retained soil. They are usually made from concrete, stone, or masonry.
  2. Cantilever Retaining Walls: Cantilever walls have a reinforced concrete slab or base that extends into the retained soil. They use leverage to support the load.
  3. Sheet Pile Retaining Walls: These walls are commonly used in waterfront applications. They consist of interlocking sheets or piles driven into the ground to create a barrier.
  4. Anchored Retaining Walls: Anchored walls use cables or other tensioning elements to provide additional support and stability. They are suitable for tall or challenging applications.

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